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Argument Against
Argument Against Proposition 33

Career politicians are at it again!

In 1990 voters overwhelmingly enacted term limits and other landmark legislative reforms aimed at cutting the perks and breaking the influence of the career politicians.

Proposition 33 changes the Constitution to allow state legislators to participate in the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS)—the very benefits we took away from them in 1990. According to the Legislature’s own analyst, if Proposition 33 passes, California taxpayers like you and us will be stuck paying increased general fund costs in retirement benefits for state legislators. These taxpayer-paid benefits will come on top of Social Security and other retirement plans legislators may have. Over the last ten years, state legislators have received raises to increase their pay by 90 percent—TO ALMOST $100,000 A YEAR.

In addition to their salary, legislators are eligible to receive some reimbursement for their living expenses.

But for some, this is not enough. They want us—the taxpayers—to pay for their retirement as well. And they want us to give this perk a protected place in our Constitution!

Legislators make a hefty salary. They can and should invest their money and plan for their retirement just like anybody else. Instead, they want special treatment—yet another perk that is not available to any citizen working in the private sector.

Don’t be fooled. The fact is, Prop. 33 takes money out of your pocket and puts it into the pockets of the state politicians.

Protect your pocketbook and protect the important reforms you enacted in 1990.


ERNEST F. DYNDA, President
United Organizations of Taxpayers
LEWIS K. UHLER, President
National Tax Limitation Committee


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