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Returns posted here are final. The official Statement of Vote will be posted to the Elections Division site in mid-February.
State Assembly District 68
100.0% ( 240 of 240 ) precincts reporting as of Dec 18, 2000 at 12:48 pm

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  Candidate                Party       Votes   Percent
  Tina L. Laine              Dem      35,889   34.3 
* Kenneth W. Maddox          Rep      59,258   56.8 
  Richard G. Newhouse        Lib       3,897    3.7 
  Al Snook                   Ref       5,466    5.2 
* IncumbentParty Abbreviations
County Returns for
State Assembly District 68
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This district is entirely contained within Orange County.
County returns are identical to District-wide returns.
California 2000 General Election
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California 2000 General Election
Party Abbreviations
Dem - Democratic
Rep - Republican
AmI - American Independent
Grn - Green
Lib - Libertarian
Nat - Natural Law
P&F - Peace & Freedom
Ref - Reform
Ind - Independent (no party affiliation)